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Grip4orce Patented Technology

Grip4orce has an inner-core Resistance that thick or regular bars don't have. Why Tension? The act of squeezing the bar firmly is important for safety and crucial when looking to develop strength and muscle. With Grip4orce, the increased hand tension will produce an immediate increase in the force of joint flexion and extension, thereby promoting faster gains in grip strength and activating more hard-to-reach muscles throughout the body.

The Law of Irradiation States...

A muscle that is working hard will recruit the neighborhood of muscles, and if they are already a part of the action, it amplifies their strength. Simply put, by making the hands squeeze tighter, the surrounding muscles are forcefully recruited into activity, this causes the body to create and transfer more tension. This will account for more force production and enhance the contraction of the targeted muscles. It also reinforces the theory of irradiation which becomes automatic in your preparation with each rep.

Intermediate (Regular) or Advanced (Stiff)

  • Baseball: Regular for High School - Stiff and Regular for College and Pro
  • Basketball: Regular
  • Climbing: Regular (Stiff for Hand Gripper)
  • Strength Training: Regular and Stiff
  • Football: Regular for High School - Stiff and Regular for College and Pro
  • Golf: Regular (Stiff for Hand Gripper)
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Regular and Stiff
  • Tennis: Regular (Stiff for Hand Gripper)
  • Hockey: Regular and Stiff
  • Lacrosse: Regular and Stiff
  • Arm Wrestling: Stiff
  • Gymnastics: Regular
  • Motor Cross: Regular
  • Women: Start off with Regular
  • Teenagers and Adults: Start off with Regular

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Grip4orce performance enhancing grips is the revolutionary training device that quickly builds unparalleled hand, forearm and wrist strength. The secret is in our patented “Inner-Core” technology, designed and developed to deliver superior results in Half the time... Guaranteed!

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