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"The key to Grip4orce's design is a polymer insert that exerts force to keep the grips in an open position. They're wide enough to easily slip onto a barbell or keep them there, you'll have to squeeze hard throughout the the movement your performing. This will recruit more muscle during every exercise, developing mass and strength quicker than ever before.

"Every combat athlete knows how important grip strength is during a fight,' says Joel Jamieson, a strength and conditioning coach who has worked with Rich Franklin and Chris Leban. "Grip4orce grips are an incredibly effective tool to increase grip strength without having to put in any extra work.'"


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Grip4orce performance enhancing grips is the revolutionary training device that quickly builds unparalleled hand, forearm and wrist strength. The secret is in our patented “Inner-Core” technology, designed and developed to deliver superior results in Half the time... Guaranteed!

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